Hitachi ZX60 high-performance compact crawler excavator

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The Hitachi ZX60 crawler excavator is a small but powerful machine capable of meeting the needs of many different applications. Its powerful digging capabilities and efficient hydraulic system allow it to handle various materials easily. The excavator also features a spacious cab and easy-to-use controls, providing operators with a safe and comfortable working environment.

Equipped with full electronic speed regulating engine and high performance hydraulic system, it is an economical and efficient cost-effective product.

It brings professional solutions for customers seeking low cost operation and stable overall performance.

It is used for earth moving operations such as agriculture, forestry and urban construction, and it is also a powerful tool for platform and leasing.


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Product Parameters

A: Wheel Track  2000mm

B: Track shoe length 2480mm

C: Counter weight Ground Clearance 620mm

D: Slewing radius of trail 1650mm

E: Upper width 2060mm

F: Overall height 2470mm

G: Minimum Ground Clearance 310mm

H: Track Gauge (In transportation state / In operation state)1600mm

I: Width of standard track shoe 400mm

J: Overall width (In transportation state / In operation state)2060mm

K: Upper width 2060mm

M:  overall length ( in transportation state) 6060mm38a0b9231

The Hitachi ZX60 compact crawler excavator is a high-performance, versatile machine suitable for various industries, including construction, demolition, landscaping, and agriculture. Whether your task is small excavation or precision engineering, the ZX60 can meet your needs. It represents Hitachi's engineering excellence and reliability, ensuring you can complete various excavation tasks efficiently.

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