Volvo Ec480 Swedish Brand Large Crawler Excavator

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The Volvo EC480 crawler excavator represents the highest level of heavy machinery. Known for its excellent quality and ultimate performance, it is suitable for various engineering projects. Whether your task is to dig deep trenches, perform earthworks, quarry mining, or other excavation tasks, it can get the job done.

The EC480 excavator has a powerful engine and advanced hydraulic system to provide excellent excavation capabilities and operating efficiency. It also has multiple functions and can be customized according to the needs of different tasks, such as digging, shoveling, demolition, etc. The spacious cab design provides a comfortable control experience and reduces operator fatigue.

Volvo has always been known for its reliability and durability, and the EC480 excavator is no exception. It is also relatively easy to maintain, ensuring low operating costs. Whether you’re working on a construction site, quarry, or other engineering project, this excavator will provide reliable support.

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Product Description

  1. Operating Weight: The operating weight of the EC480 ranges from approximately 46,500 kg to 54,000 kg, depending on the specific configuration and additional attachments. The weight provides stability and robustness for demanding applications.
  2. Bucket Capacity: The standard bucket capacity of the EC480 varies from 2.45 cubic meters to 2.73 cubic meters, offering ample volume for efficient excavation and material handling.
  3. Height: The height of the EC480 ranges from approximately 3,520 mm to 4,040 mm, accommodating different job site requirements and transportation restrictions.
  4. Width: The machine's width varies from around 3,590 mm to 4,530 mm, providing stability and maneuverability in various working environments.
  5. Maximum Reach: The EC480 has a maximum reach of around 11,040 mm, allowing for extended reach and accessibility in construction sites.
· Specification  
· Weight · 47.96 t
· Transport length · 11.61 m
· Transport width · 3.44 m
· Transport height · 3.28 m
· Bucket capacity · 2.1 m³
· Track width · 600 mm
· Max. Reach horizontal · 10.93 m
· Dredging depth · 6.59 m
· Tear-out force · 285 kN
· Bucket width · 1.5 m
· Engine manuf. · Volvo
· Engine type · D 13 J
· Engine power · 278 kW
· Displacement · 12.8 l
· Revolutions at max torque · 1800 rpm
· Max. Torque · 1890/1350 Nm
· No. of cylinders · 6
· Cylinder bore x stroke · 131/158 mm
· Emission level · 4/Tier 4 f

The Volvo EC480 crawler excavator represents the perfect choice for premium quality and ultimate performance. It is a leader in heavy engineering equipment suitable for various engineering projects. Whether new or used, we are a reliable partner for your projects. If you need to increase project efficiency, reduce operating costs, and ensure projects are completed on schedule, the Volvo EC480 is the intelligent choice. Don't miss this opportunity to make the superior quality and ultimate performance a part of your project!

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Packing and Shipping

1. Container: The cheapest and fast one put the machine into container but need to be disassembled.

2. Flat rack: Often used to ship 20tons or up excavators, max load-bearing is 35 tons, no need to be disassembled.

3. Bulk  ship: Price will be cheaper than flat rack.

4. RORO ship :The machine is driven directly into the ship and does not need to be disassembled.

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