Nice Condition Original Japan Heavy Equipment CAT 307D

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The Cat 307D excavator is a mid-size excavator with a powerful and reliable Cat engine that delivers superior performance and reliability. The excavator has an operating weight of 29,200 kg and a bucket capacity of 0.7 cubic meters, providing ample power for excavation and material handling. Imported from Japan, high performance, multi-functional, available from stock! Suitable for all types of construction and excavation tasks. We offer high-quality, low-priced used excavators to ensure your project runs smoothly.

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Nice Condition Original Japan Heavy Equipment CAT 307D Used Excavator Caterpillar Machinery DiggerCAT307D for sale

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CAT 307D

The Cat 307D excavator can be equipped with different types of buckets depending on the specific task requirements.A hydraulic thumb attachment can be added to the Cat 307D excavator’s arm.

A hydraulic quick coupler can be added to Cat 307D excavator allows for quick and efficient attachment changes without the need for manual tools.

A hydraulic hammer or breaker attachment be added to Cat 307D excavator is used for breaking through hard materials like concrete, rocks, or pavement.

A grapple attachment can be added to the Cat 307D excavator’s arm to handle and sort materials like logs, scrap, or waste.

The Caterpillar 307D mid-size excavator offers powerful performance, versatility, and low price for various construction and excavation tasks. This excavator is an excellent choice for its performance, price, and service. Contact us now to seize the opportunity of off-the-shelf supply and provide strong support for your project!

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Excavator shipment

1. Container: The cheapest and fast one put the machine into container but need to be disassembled.

2. Flat rack: Often used to ship 20tons or up excavators, max load-bearing is 35 tons, no need to be disassembled.

3. Bulk  ship: Price will be cheaper than flat rack.

4. RORO ship :The machine is driven directly into the ship and does not need to be disassembled.

packing and shipping
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