High-quality Used CAT 140K blend of durability and excellent performance

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The CAT 140K is a powerful dozer that is a powerful tool in the construction industry. Known for its superior performance and reliability, this dozer supports various land grading and construction projects. CAT 140K adopts superior technology, has a powerful engine and advanced suspension system, and can easily cope with different terrains and engineering requirements. Its wide blade and excellent control system make it ideal for handling earthmoving, excavation, road grading, and other land engineering tasks. Additionally, the CAT 140K is praised for its ride comfort and maneuverability, ensuring operators are comfortable and productive during long working hours. All in all, the CAT 140K used bulldozer is a robust construction machine that will play a vital role in a variety of construction and land engineering projects.

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Parameter Value
Brand CAT
Model 140K
Engine Caterpillar Acert 7.21 liters
Power 128 kW
Thrust 130 tons
Traction Force 200 tons
Weight 17.27 tons
Dimensions Length 8.5 meters x Width 2.48 meters x Height 3.35 meters
Speed 47.3 kilometers per hour


POWERFUL PERFORMANCE: Equipped with a powerful engine, the CAT 140K can handle a variety of land grading and construction engineering tasks with ease, including earthmoving, excavation, and road construction.

Advanced Technology: This bulldozer incorporates advanced technology, including excellent suspension and control systems, ensuring superior performance in various terrains and engineering requirements.

Versatility: The CAT 140K has a wide dozer blade for various tasks, including earthmoving, grading, and excavation, making it a versatile construction machine.

Operator Comfort: The bulldozer is designed with operator comfort and safety in mind, ensuring efficiency and convenience during long working hours.

Reliability: CAT 140K is a CAT (Caterpillar) brand product known for its excellent quality and reliability, capable of withstanding harsh construction environments and continuous use.

Overall, the CAT 140K bulldozer is a robust construction machine suitable for various construction and land engineering projects, providing users with excellent performance, reliability, and ease of operation.

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